Office of Information Technology


UAlaska is the open wireless network for the University of Alaska Fairbanks campus, and System Offices.  When you try to connect to any service, web site or email after a period of inactivity you will be prompted to login again.

For Limited Access, Visitors do not require a user name and password and will allow any guest with a wireless device with a web browser to connect to the internet. The Limited Access option does not have full access to the internet, bandwidth is limited to 256Kbps, and a limited set of services are allowed.

For Full Access, users can authenticate with their UA Username and password.  Conference Services Guests can obtain a username and password to use while staying on campus; check with your event coordinator.  To get an account for attendees for your event, please contact the OIT Support Center for assistance.

For configuration instructions, select a document below.*

*Please note that wireless gaming consoles are not supported on UAlaska wireless networks. For network access, please connect your device to a wired ethernet port if available.

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