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Activity ID: 3587

Activity type



Banner LRGP instance  

Short description

Drop TEMP tablespace datafiles in LRGP that are no longer needed 

Status 1

Activity / Outage 

Start day

Sunday, 7-6-2014 Time: 08:00 am 

Recovery day

Sunday, 7-6-2014 Time: 12:00 pm 


4 hours


Datafiles for the TEMP tablespace were created outside of the normal LRGP directories and now need to be dropped.  The database needs to be in restricted session while dropping the datafiles.


Planned outage

Affected customers

Users of LRGP, BWeb4LRGP

Please note

The outage includes a backup prior to the activity, as well as contingency time.

Authorized by

James Gentry OIT Technical Services Manager 

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