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UAF Shared Storage Server UAF-C3, H: Drive Storage Change and Reboot of system  

Short description

UAF Shared Storage Server UAF-C3, H: Drive Storage Change from Dell EqualLogic iSCSI to 3Par iSCSI and Reboot of system 


Will affect all users of UAF Shared Storage hosted on UAF-C3.  Storage on UAF-C4 will NOT be affected

Status 1

Pending Approval 

Start day

Sunday, 6-8-2014 Time: 01:00 pm 

Recovery day

Sunday, 6-8-2014 Time: 05:00 pm 


Four (4) hours with contingency time.  Actual outage may be of a shorter duration


Change H: drive back end storage from Equallogic hosted to 3Par hosted storage.  Make final copy of data, shares and NTFS permissions prior to change and reboot system to implement changes


Work to be performed by OIT-ITS-WSA personnel.  Users of UAF-C3 hosted UAF Shared Storage should save all work by 5PM Saturday and close all connections to the server. Users will be disconnected by the activity.  Users of UAF-C4 Shared storage will NOT be affected by this activity.


Make final copy of data on current H: drive to new drive storage.  Cutover all file shares to new storage.  Reboot UAF-C3 to implement changes.

Affected customers

Users of UAF-C3, UAF Shared Storage.

Please note

All current file shares will remain the same after this activity is completed.  Users may need to reconnect their mapped drives.

Authorized by

David DeWolfe OIT ITS Director 

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