Office of Information Technology

OIT Mission & Values

OIT's Value Proposition

To enable the effective, efficient and elegant delivery of University services through trusted partnerships and technology.

OIT's Six Priorities

We will enable our customers, the University campuses, colleges and departments who serve all students, staff and faculty, to be leaders We will honor our commitments, provide reliable and high quality services, communicate openly and be a trusted advisor in helping our customers solve their toughest problems.

We will deliver timely, secure, agile, cost effective, sustainable, high quality IT services that meet and exceed business requirements.

People are the core of our success. We will attract, develop and retain the best talent for OIT by fostering a culture of empowerment, performance and mutual respect.

We will provide strategic solutions using emerging technologies that align with the education and business needs and deliver long-term value for the University and its students, staff and faculty.

We will cultivate and strengthen existing partner relationships and develop new partnerships necessary for successful service delivery.

We will protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of University information and student, staff and faculty data. We will be compliant with all federal and state policies and auditory requirements.

With a focus on these priorities OIT has taken two initial steps:

First, OIT leadership and staff have participated in cultural development with ongoing training to close the accountability gap that exists between what is needed to achieve results and what they are doing. The goal is to foster a culture of accountability where people are powered by hard work and commitment, and take greater personal accountability for achieving key organizational results.

Second, OIT engaged Pink Elephant, a world leader in IT Service Management, to conduct a process maturity assessment for IT Service Management processes. The assessment identified key processes for improvement and OIT is working to design and implement Process Plans taking into consideration IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) best practices and the needs of the UA system.

OIT hopes to provide a new level of service to campuses that instills the confidence that it can provide modern, responsive, innovative solutions and customer service.

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