System Governance

Outstanding Statewide Employee and Department Peer Awards

For 2014: Will be recognized during Service Award Celebration Spring 2015

Nomination Forms and Information.

Nominations are now being accepted for the 2015 outstanding statewide employee of the year awards for the categories of student employee, non exempt employee, exempt employee, and outstanding statewide department. Nominees will be evaluated based on contributions and achievements, service excellence, personal traits, and other accomplishments during 2015. Please be as complete as possible on the nomination form. The information provided will form the sole basis of selection. Feel free to submit extra pages or additional documentation.

1. Award Information: nomination rules and criteria

2. Nomination Form: student, exempt, non exempt and department

Past Recipients

2014 for 2013
Samantha Stanbrough, Studentt
Michelle Rizk, Exempt
OIT Technical Services, Department

2013 for 2012
Elizabeth Hardie, Non-Exempt
Andrew Johnston, Exempt
OIT Desktop Support, Department

2012 for 2011
Travis Payton, Student
Douglas Maynes, Non-Exempt
Rick Forkle, Exempt
Risk Services, Department

2011 for 2010
Lisa Sporleder, Non Exempt
Debbie Kendrick, Exempt

2010 for 2009
Josh Michie, Student
Isabel Martinez, Classified
Catheryn Collier, APT
Office of Information Technology

2009 for 2008
Ashley Bender, Student
Jenelle Merrifield, Classified
Janet Johnson, APT

2008 for 2007
Savanah Ebenez, Student
Laura Morisky, Classified
Kenny Coon, APT
Foundation Accounting, Department

2007 for 2006
Rachel Hanscom, Student
Craig Baldwin, Classified
Gwen White, APT
OIT Support Center, Department

Savannah Ebanez, Student
Laura Morisky, Classified
Kenneth Coon, APT
Foundation Accounting, Department

Frances Daschiell, Student
Kathryn Gruenig, Classified
Carolyn Weaver, APT
System Governance, Department

Matt Walker, Student
Vince Yelmene, Classified
Nelda Carlson, APT
Alaska Mentor Project, Department

Doreen Paul, Student

Glen Johnson, Student
Larry McGrady, Classified
Erika Van Flein, APT
Budget & Institutional Research, Department

Mary Lee, Student
Cathy Earp, Classified
Susan Freel, APT
ITS Help Desk and Training, Department

Christy Shaw, Student
Brian Brubaker, Classified
Janet Johnson, APT
Office of the President, Department

Anthony Shaw, Student
Kim Schoenbachler-Nicks, Classified
Betty Dupee, APT
Risk Management, Department

Kevin McGehee, Student
Laura Letuligasenoa, Classified
Mari Montgomery, APT
Financial Services, Department

Jim Dube, Student
Carla Yurkovich, Classified
John Dickinson, APT
Micro-Lan Support Services, Department

Brenda Vannoy, Classified
Brian Youngberg, APT
Technical Services of Information Services, Department

Pat Bishop
Gene Kuhn
Jim Lynch
Beth Mercer
Bob Miller
Yvonne Nieman
Alaska Teleconferencing Network (ATN), Department

Sandra A. Harrington, Classified
Jerry Fica, APT

Kristi Sherman
Sallie Stuvek

Dennis Pikarski
Amy Richards-Wiegers

Penny Ewalt
Kurt Carlson

Alice Kiernan
Marilyn Lehmen

Violet Mullen
Julie Baecker

Saundra Davison
Michelle Wood

Barbara Bennett
Janet Johnson

Jeannie Phillips
Bill Ulich

Lee Ann Amerson
Bonnie Williams

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