Build a Road Map to Your Future

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Life after high school can be a time to learn about things that really interest you, spend time with people that have similar interests, and a chance to see more of the world. Doing all these things takes a road map - just like taking any trip. And the earlier you plan, the more choices you're going to have.

One thing's for certain, education after high school will help make your dreams come true. Plus, college graduates earn about $1 million more in their lifetime than others who just finish high school.

Paying for College: What college costs, understanding financial aid, and scholarship information.

College Planning Tools: A check-list to better prepare students and parents for college, and campus information.

Career Planning Tools: learn how to do things you enjoy for a career (there are thousands of jobs listed out on the web), check out the education required, the pay rate and how in-demand that job will be in the future.

AK Labor Statistics: Information on the top careers in Alaska that are gaining in need.

Choosing a College: A pocket guide for questions to ask on a college visit. 

Profiles:  Information on students, their majors, hobbies, and where they decided to go to college.


Alaska Performance Scholarship 2013 & 2014 Checklist:An eligibility progress checklist for 2013 & 2014 high school graduates.

Alaska Performance Scholarship 2015 & Beyond Checklist: An eligibility progress checklist for 2015 & beyond high school graduates.


The Alaska Performance Scholarship (APS) is a new scholarship for high school students. Earn up to $4,755 per year by meeting GPA and curriculum requirements and filling out your FAFSA. Awards can be used at any regionally accredited college or university in Alaska, or for approved career and technical education programs in the state.

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