Gift Management and Fees

The University of Alaska Foundation imposes minimal fees on certain forms of gifts and on our endowment. These fees are designed to assist the Foundation in:

  • maintaining over 1693 distinct funds;
  • building and maintaining relationships with donors and prospective donors;
  • providing receipts for all donations;
  • investment oversight;
  • accounting and tax reporting;
  • systems and data management support;
  • processing the collection of all gifts (cash, check, credit card and stock gifts);
  • reporting on all contributions and disbursements to academic units;
  • processing all checks and vetting each disbursement request against established criteria;
  • stewarding donors via acknowledgements, special events and communications;
  • providing donors with endowment and stewardship recipient reports which show all fund activity in each fiscal year;
  • development efforts to increase the level of private support for both the Foundation and the University of Alaska.

The University of Alaska Foundation is an independent and private organization, whose primary objetive is to raise money to benefit the University of Alaska. As an independent organization, fees are necessary to support the ongoing operations of the Foundation. The Foundation's fee structure is periodically reviewed and approved by the Foundation's Board of Trustees. Currently, the Foundation's Board of Trustees.

Endowment Administrative Fee

An Endowment Fee (1%), expressed as a percentage of the market value of each endowment valued as of each December 31 will be levied on the endowments managed by the Foundation in the Pooled Endowment Fund. Fee deductions will commence the following July and be transferred on a monthly basis.

The Endowment Fee will be deducted from the accumulated earning portion of the endowments and will be assessed before spending distributions are made. In cases where there are insufficicent accumulated earnings in an account to pay the Endowment Fee, the Endowment Fee will be carried as a deficit in the accumulated earnings portion of the endowment.

Administrative Fee

The Foundation assesses a one-time Administrative Fee (1%) on all gifts to the UA Foundation.

To read the full Gift Fee policy, please click here.

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