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What is FAFSA Frenzy?

The Frenzy is a series of financial aid workshops and activities to be held across the UA system. Frenzy events inform students of the aid options for which they may qualify and encourage them to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Why do a Frenzy?

Students often mistakenly believe that applying for financial aid is a complex and difficult process. They also commonly underestimate the extent to which they qualify for aid. Frenzy is a combined effort by the UA financial aid offices, students, staff, and faculty to get out accurate information.

How much aid is available?

Over the last few years we've seen more and more students submit their FAFSA and apply for admission early (by February 15) which increases their chances for financial aid. In the 2014-2015 academic year, over $137 million in financial aid was awarded to students across the state, about a third of which being "non-loan" aid such as grants, scholarships and work study. A primary goal of the Frenzy is to help students attend college by maximizing their non-loan aid, minimizing their potential loan debt.

What are some of the FAFSA Frenzy events and activities?

Financial aid staff will conduct FAFSA workshops at high schools and on UA campuses, and a national trainer will deliver sessions for both students and parents of future college students. Additional items will include prize drawings for one of six $100 cash cards, mailing Frenzy information to Alaska’s high school counselors, submitting articles to student and local newspapers, and providing financial aid mini-training classroom visits for interested faculty upon request.

How can I participate in FAFSA Frenzy?

Complete your FAFSA! Additionally, faculty and staff can share the information from the “Financial Aid Top 10 List” with their students, and encourage students to complete the FAFSA application. UA's financial aid offices are also available to deliver 10-minute “mini-trainings”, and faculty can request a visit to their classroom.

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