Board of Regents

SW Action/Information Transmittal Form

Effective with the September 2013 agenda, the SW Action/Information Transmittal Form replaces the Agenda Material Submission Coversheet. Please follow these steps to submit an agenda item:

  1. Review the agenda preparation schedule.
  2. Coordinate with the MAU board coordinator and/or a statewide administrator to ensure adequate time is allocated for review and approval prior to the date material is due to the president.
  3. Deliver hard copy material to the statewide administrator responsible for approving the agenda item, accompanied by a completed SW Action/Information Transmittal Form ** printed on colored paper signed by the appropriate individual(s). View an example of a completed form. Once the statewide administrator has approved the item, the hard copy material will be forwarded to the president for final approval.
  4. After the agenda item has been approved by the president, the board executive officer will notify the responsible individual (MAU board coordinator, statewide administrator and/or the action coordinator) identified on the transmittal form to request the item electronically.

    **Note: If an error message is received when opening the SW Action/Information Transmittal Form, please right click on the link and select "Save Link As".

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