Meet the BLaST LRTTs (Laboratory Research & Teaching Technicians)

Aaron Kallas, M.S. Ed.
Affiliations: University of Alaska Fairbanks in Fairbanks - BLaST program; NABT (National Association of Biology Teachers) - Alaska OBTA Director 
Teaching Interests: Cellular and Molecular Biology, Biotechnology, Ecology, Environmental Science, Geology, Botany, Genetics
Research Interests: Environmental Impacts to Human Health, Comparative DNA analysis
Techniques: Cell culture, standard microbiologic techniques, DNA Manipulation (Extraction, Purification, PCR, Sequencing), Proteometrics, Research Design, Data Analysis
Personal Interests: Hunting, Fishing, Gardening, Traveling

Joanna Green, M.S.
Affiliations: University of Alaska Fairbanks - Leigh Microbial Ecology and Bioremediation Laboratory, Collins Arctic Marine Microbiology Laboratory
Teaching Interests: Hands-on active learning and use of interdisciplinary techniques
Research Interests: Studying microbial diversity and linking microbial processes to larger systems
Techniques: Microbial DNA processing (collection, isolation, extraction, cloning, pcr, sequencing), Cell Culturing, phytochemical analysis, microbial community metabolism (respiration, cell production)
Personal Interests:Traveling, Scuba, Hiking, Yoga, Dance

Rebekah Hare, PhD
Affiliations: University of Alaska Fairbanks in Fairbanks - BLaST program, Hueffer Infectious Disease Laboratory, Advanced Instrument Laboratory Ilisagvik Tribal College in Barrow - Nicholas-Figueroa & Hare Arctic Microbe
Teaching Interests: Teaching/mentoring with Lab Research
Research Interests:Investigating molecular mechanisms of disease, disease surveillance and surveillance of the Arctic microbe bio
Techniques: Cell Culture, standard microbiologic techniques, prokaryotic DNA manipulation (RE digest, cloning, pcr, sequencing), Western blots, microscopy (immuno-fluorescent, TEM, light)
Personal Interests:Horses (Nova), Fairbanks Rollergirls and Frozen Chosen Co-Ed Derby

Lori Gildehaus, MS
Affiliations: University of Alaska Fairbanks - BLaST Program
Teaching Interests: Teacher's assistant for Comparative Anatomy and Human Anatomy and Physiology Tutor (individual and group) for Chemistry, Calculus and Biology
Research Interests: Investigating wildlife diseases and impacts on human populations, emerging infectious diseases
Techniques:PCR, RT-PCR, RNA and DNA extraction, ELISA
Personal Interests: Personal training, nutrition and fitness, cooking, outdoor activities

Natalia Podlutskaya
Affiliations: University of Alaska Fairbanks - BLaST Program, Dr. Podlutsky DNA Damage and Repair Laboratory
Teaching Interests:Most of my teaching experiences are from research labs, where I am doing research and teaching grad and undergrad students. I believe that teaching is an art and craft, in which the mentor and students are always in the process of discovery. Main purpose is to inspire, to enthuse, to create, to participate, to share, to grow, to mentor, to welcome the unexpected, to celebrate life!
Research Interests: Studying genome stability and mechanisms of DNA repair. Biology of Cancer and Aging
Techniques:Cell Culture, Cell Cytotoxicity assays, DNA and RNA extraction, Comet Assay
Personal Interests: Hiking, Traveling, Berry Picking