University of Alaska Wellness Champions

Become a Wellness Champion!

A Wellness Champion is dedicated to personal health & wellness and has a shared vision of a healthier workplace. Wellness Champions provide creativity and enthusiasm. They typically have a pulse on their individual workgroup. They are energetic volunteers that want to help carry out the wellness program.

Wellness Champions and their respective campus committees will work directly with our on-site Program Manager from Healthyroads, Sara Rodewald, on ways to improve the culture around them. Examples of what involvement may entail:

·         Attending wellness meetings (at least once/month)

·         Assist in communicating and promoting the wellness program

·         Brainstorm innovative ideas to market and promote participation in the program to co-workers, spouses and FIPs

·         Lead by example by demonstrating your own commitment to health and wellness

·         Drive participation in campus-wide wellness events

·         Develop campus-wide health initiatives such as walking groups or how to make healthier eating choices in the cafeteria

This list is not all inclusive and I invite you to fill-out an application to hear more! We are interested in YOUR ideas on how to create a culture of wellness in your area.

Did you miss the session to hear about becoming a Wellness Champion?  Click here for a link to the recording of the discussion.

Apply here to become a Wellness Champion

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